Fleet management


  • More control and safety of your fleet through real-time tracking.
  • Improved control of date / time of container managed through RFID identification.
  • Improved service and routes management through optimization and on-board navigation units.
  • Improved knowledge through activity reports: container id, services id, kms, speed, schedule fulfilment...
  • Better information access: data via the internet.
  • Integration with Public Administration's data central systems.

Fleet Management – Zenithal Urban Waste and Road Maintenance

The urban waste and road maintenance fleet management solution allows you the control of your fleet through the knowledge of its activity, your vehicles' availability via GPS tracking and the integration of multiple sensors and in-cabin computers which will allow you access to statistical data about waste collections.

Urban waste fleet management

Zenithal Urban Waste solution is the result of the experience of one of the biggest Spanish sector specialist companies, combined with 10 years of experience in the world of tracking services and in-cabin computers from our project team members. This has resulted in the development of a tool that allows the buyer to offer better service levels, resource control and service quality to their customers, while keeping lower operating costs.

Zenithal Urban Waste management solution integrates all that is needed by a service company focused on the Public Administration sector: Automatic containers dispatch management, Service management, GPS equipped materials, touch screen and Embarked Navigation systems.

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Zenithal belongs to the group of companies ELDISA, which has become a company group oriented towards engineering and electronic manufacturing, with a long track record in GPS tracking and security control systems. Furthermore, the new group offers a wide range of engineering, electronic manufacturing and software application development solutions. This group of companies has successfully worked on complex turnkey solutions for its big corporate clients. It employs 85 experienced technology experts and its sales forecast for 2013 is €11 Million.