Fleet management


  • Fair and Flexible Dispatch System based on real route distance and fair rules.
  • Automatic Call Management and Internet service ordering system- less resources needed.
  • Reduction of customer waiting time.
  • Higher safety for taxi drivers.
  • Higher fill up ratios.

Fleet Management – Zenithal Taxi

Thetaxi fleet management solution allows to improve service management, vehicle availability management via GPS, track quality of services, as well as various functionalities such as voice and internet order management, fair dispatch system, etc. This makes Zenithal Taxi an indispensable tool for a taxi central booking service.

Taxi fleet management

This solution is the result of our taxi industry experience, combined with a a 10 years' experience in the world of in-cabin computer and tracking services from our project team members. This has resulted in the development of a tool that allows the buyer to offer better customer service, resource control and service quality, together with lower operating costs.


Solid IT consulting knowledge and experience, including mobility software applications and in-cabin hardware development.

Experience with first-class customers with high and complex engineering requirements.

3 service centers on our system.

10 years of experience in fleet management applications and in-cabin computers.

More than a thousand units sold in different industries.


Automatic Call Management (saves time and money).

Service's and Client's management.

Fair and Flexible Dispatch System based on real route distance and personalized rules, not based on quadrants

In-cabin Navigation Equipment.

Internet service ordering system (saves time and money).

Reduction of customer waiting time (higher customer satisfaction).

Higher safety for taxi driver (higher security).

Higher fill up ratios (less km driven without customer).

El sistema se adapta a los requerimientos de trabajo y gestión de servicios la central de taxis (despacho, gestión de llamadas, pedidos por Internet, etc.) dependiendo de días, hora, distancia y número de taxis disponibles.

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Zenithal belongs to the group of companies ELDISA, which has become a company group oriented towards engineering and electronic manufacturing, with a long track record in GPS tracking and security control systems. Furthermore, the new group offers a wide range of engineering, electronic manufacturing and software application development solutions. This group of companies has successfully worked on complex turnkey solutions for its big corporate clients. It employs 85 experienced technology experts and its sales forecast for 2013 is €11 Million.