Fleet management


  • Analytical reports aimed at estimate driving behaviour: acceleration, breaking, times, travelled km, speeding, etc.
  • Accident' analysis (reconstruction).
  • Stolen vehicles recovery.
  • Added services to the final customer related to maintenance.

Insurance Solutions – Zenithal Insurance
(Pay per use- Pay as you drive- PaYD solutions)

The solution of statistical analysis of drivers' profiles, ZENITHAL INSURANCE GPS (PAYD– PAY AS YOU DRIVE) for INSURANCE COMPANIES is aimed at generating statistical information about the insured drivers behavior, so that the company can analyze and decide a better pricing policy for specific clients segments (young drivers, occasional drivers) through insurance policies which penalize or benefit certain driving behaviors. It is also designed for accidents analysis, to recover stolen vehicles and to offer a wider set of services to clients, such as vehicle tracking.

Insurance pay per use

This system is the result of 10 years' experience in the development of telematic and tracking systems, and of the collaboration with companies operating in the security sector, with a view to solve statistical analysis, robberies and accidents management. It is also the result of a long collaboration record with our original equipment manufacturer which has + 100,000 units installed in insurance companies worldwide.

Report generating capacity via the crossing of data:

> Travelled Kms.

> Speed (maximum and average).

> Driving times (weekly, monthly).

> Driving hours (night shift, day shift).

> Type of road (% of motorway driving time, national / secondary road, urban driving).

> Type of driving (sudden stoppages, accelerations).

> Access to the vehicle's system when equipped with a specific port.

Accidents' analysis

> Accident alarms and data.

> Driver assistance.

> Accident reconstruction.

> Accident documentation.

Stolen vehicles recovery

> Connection with the Alarms' Central Service.

> Connection to Public Police Forces.

> Possibility of immobilizing the stolen vehicle (impossibility of starting the vehicle once it stops).

Added services to the final customer

> Vehicle tracking by the customer (they can know via the Internet, whether their son/ father, etc, is or has been to unauthorized zones, if the vehicle is moving or stopped, how long it has been moving for, etc).

> The customer can have access to the insurance policy duration and time limits, and to the correct use of the vehicle.

> Possibility of automatically managing the need of maintenance or breakdowns services while travelling on the road.

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Zenithal belongs to the group of companies ELDISA, which has become a company group oriented towards engineering and electronic manufacturing, with a long track record in GPS tracking and security control systems. Furthermore, the new group offers a wide range of engineering, electronic manufacturing and software application development solutions. This group of companies has successfully worked on complex turnkey solutions for its big corporate clients. It employs 85 experienced technology experts and its sales forecast for 2013 is €11 Million.