Fleet management


  • Driving and resting time periods control via direct tachograph connection.
  • Download data from the vehicle's Digital Tachograph.
  • Direct identification from the driver's card in real-time.
  • Fuel saving through data gathered from the vehicles' on board computer.
  • Analyze driving behaviour to reduce fuel consumption (efficient driving).

Digital Tachograph Download and Driving Behaviour analysis

Among its various company solutions, Zenithal offers you a direct connection to digital tachograph, allowing your company to improve its fleet control and driving times. This tool also allow to analyze driving behaviour to reduce fuel consumption (efficient driving).

If your transport company demands advanced monitoring and control, Digital Tachograph Download is your solution.

Digital Tachograph Download

Digital Tachograph's Connection:

Direct identification from the driver's card, driving time periods, resting time, presence control, other tasks and card status in real time.

CANBUS – FMS Connection:

Data gathering from the vehicles' on board computer CANBUS / FMS: mileage, petrol consumption, vehicles engines' revolutions per minute (r.p.m.), brakes utilization, accelerator usage, tachograph's speed range, engine temperature, r.p.m. excesses, sudden stoppages, excesses in the engine's temperature, Cruise Control status, etc.

Driving and resting time periods control

Via direct connection to Digital Tachograph, CANBUS or GPS, according to the device installed. Forecasts of drivers' availability according to legal driving and resting time periods.

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