Fleet management


  • More control and safety of your fleet through real-time tracking.
  • More transport service quality control: Real time pressure, water, times and speed data.
  • Route control via zones and customers POI (points of interest).
  • Traffic control improvement.
  • Improved knowledge of service departures and arrivals.
  • Access to the truck incidences in real time.
  • Improved knowledge through activity reports: services, kms, speed, etc.

Fleet Management for Concrete Mixers – Zenithal Concrete

TheConcrete Mixers Fleet Management solution is aimed at companies specialized in concrete transport. It allows fleet control, concrete quality control, and vehicle tracking via GPS.

Contrete mixers fleet management

This solution is the result of industry experience in the concrete sector with one of the biggest Spanish concrete providers, combined with 10 years of experience in the world of tracking services and in-cabin computers from our project team members. This has resulted in the development of a tool that allows the buyer to offer better customer service, resource control and service quality, together with lower operating costs.


Solid IT consulting knowledge and experience, including mobility software applications and in-cabin hardware development.

Experience with first-class customers with high and complex engineering requirements.

3 service centers on our system.

10 years of experience in fleet management applications and in-cabin computers.

More than a thousand units sold in different industries.


Automatic vehicle tracking.

Sistema de integración vía Specific sensor-integrated system for:

> Water supply to the tank.

> Hydraulic Circuit Pressure Control.

> Turning sensor for the container, allowing: the turn direction and the number of revolutions per minute.

Sistema que permite mostrar los datos vía Internet, así como ser integrado con sistemas centrales de datos de clientes o sistemas de gestión de empresa - ERP.

Minute by minute vehicles' monitoring in real time: itineraries, stoppages, timings, speed, etc.

Telematic data visualization in real time – pressure, water, temperature, speed, etc.

Route control via zones and points of access.

Knowledge of the date and time of departure from the plant, and time of arrival to the customer's premises.

During the itinerary we have access to the truck incidences in real time, such as: stoppages which exceed time needed, if there is water being added to the concrete load, route alterations, etc.

Date and time of the unloading, as well as waiting time at the building site.

Activity reports.

Possible integration with concrete and dry goods company management tools in order to share information.

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Zenithal belongs to the group of companies ELDISA, which has become a company group oriented towards engineering and electronic manufacturing, with a long track record in GPS tracking and security control systems. Furthermore, the new group offers a wide range of engineering, electronic manufacturing and software application development solutions. This group of companies has successfully worked on complex turnkey solutions for its big corporate clients. It employs 85 experienced technology experts and its sales forecast for 2013 is €11 Million.