Fleet management


  • More control and safety of your fleet through real-time tracking.
  • Improved and integrated management of urgent and programmed services.
  • Improved control of vehicles: tracking and statistical reports.
  • Improved control of services: statistical reports.
  • Reduced call centre costs: services requests through Internet and integrated switchboard– IVR.
  • Improved service quality: calls recording and tracking of everything.
  • Improved service assignment through automatic dispatch system and route optimization tools.
  • Integration with emergency systems.

Fleet Management – Zenithal Ambulance

This ambulance fleet management solution allows to control services, track vehicles via GPS and a diverse range of management functionalities related to programmed or emergency services.

ambulance fleet management

This solution is the result of the work of professionals withmore than 30 years of experience in the ambulance industry, who will be part of your project team. This experience has allowed the knowledge transfer and input into the application design, which facilitates service quality and increases the chances of success in the specific public tender.

Powerful tool which allows the complete management of urgent and programmed services, from the first call (which will be recorded), the operator's handling of the issue, the dispatch of the ambulance service, through to the provision of updated service status in real time, and service finalization.

Control and tracking of the ambulance fleet.

Management of the in-cabin services.

Ready for temporary companies consortiums/ joint ventures and for big corporations:

It allows big corporations with several offices to work independently, to put their individual information together for analysis, profitability analysis, deviations, management alternatives, etc.

Joint ventures and companies consortiums can work with their individual confidential data, allowing common access to data and statistics only when they decide to have it.

Document management for the preparation of public tenders and the handling of all necessary documentation related to vehicles, workers, etc.

Powerful reporting tool for demanding managers who can extract and manage a valuable set of important data.

Online requirement of pegasus services: so that Health Service Centers and hospitals can ask for services in real time without having to call the Call Center.

Calls integration and recording – IVR – Call Integration System.

Integration with emergency systems

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Zenithal belongs to the group of companies ELDISA, which has become a company group oriented towards engineering and electronic manufacturing, with a long track record in GPS tracking and security control systems. Furthermore, the new group offers a wide range of engineering, electronic manufacturing and software application development solutions. This group of companies has successfully worked on complex turnkey solutions for its big corporate clients. It employs 85 experienced technology experts and its sales forecast for 2013 is €11 Million.